About Tanta Beauty


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·      Efficacy of Products

·      Science-Founded Formulas


Why we started Tanta Beauty


Because of Mom. My mom has always been a figure of strength. Strong mind, will, and body. But even the strongest of us will grow weaker over time regardless of how much as we wish it wasn’t so. In the past few years, I’ve seen my mom’s skin not heal as fast as it once did and I’ve seen her wince with sore muscles after what used to be light activity.


In going through the standard creams and rubs we picked up in pharmacies, we found the level of “beneficial” ingredients they listed weren’t really an effective amount. I thought surely there had to be better products out there but I wasn’t able to find any. We needed to create our own.


It took time, research, reaching out to old friends – and for transparency’s sake – a good chunk of change to perfect our product, Green Phoenix Full Body Moisturizer+.


It passed all the tests and our flagship product, Green Phoenix, has surpassed our expectations. It is made with quality ingredients, it’s effective, and backed by scientific research.


What I’m most proud of about Green Phoenix? Mom loves it. She’s seen the difference with improved look and feel of her skin with the added benefits of CBD. I know you will too.


After our quest for mom, we asked ourselves why not do more? What else can we create that will be a benefit to you, the consumer, that’s backed by science? We have a few products available to you now with more on the way including a CBD-free version of the Full Body Moisturizer.


I am so proud of the products we’ve created and beyond excited to share them with you.





  • We want to deliver to our supporters a product with fair and honest advertising and claims. With the potency to deliver results.

  • Our products are more environmentally friendly (depending on the package) than current offerings on the market, and although we are not 100% green, that is our ultimate goal.

  • Use natural forms of ingredients when possible. Naturally sourced licorice for example rather than synthetic Glybradin, the active in licorice. Alpha Arbutin a berry extract, rather than Hydroquinone for spot lightening and even skin tone.

  • Our CBD products are 2% total CBD (therapeutically relevant).